2012 Online Baseball Player Registration - Luther
Players fee:   $40.00 per player Multiplayer discount: 2 players $75.00 3 players $100.00  4 or more players $20.00 for each additional player after three (3)
Grade 2011-2012 School Year
Pre K - KG
  1st Grade
  2nd Grade
  3rd Grade
  4th Grade
  5th Grade
  6th Grade
Player Name
Player Birthdate
Player's Age as of January 1, 2012
Parent / Guardian 1
Telephone Home
E-Mail Address
Parent / Guardian 2
Mobile Receive Text
YES ------- NO
Telephone Home
Receive E-Mail
YES ------- NO
E-Mail Address
Physical Address
Player's Legal Address - NO P.0. BOX
Zip Code
Misrepresentation of player's age, address, or school could be grounds for player ineligible to participate in youth baseball.
I give my permission for to participate in Luther Little League Baseball, realizing that such activity has the potential for injury which is inherent in all sports. On rare occasions, injury can be so severe as to result in total disability, paralysis or even death. It is agreed that Luther Little League Baseball, its officers, coaches or representatives shall not be liable for injury to players or children participating in activities under their supervision I agree to pay all required fees for the above named child: and abide by all rules, bylaws and regulations of Luther League Baseball, its officers and coaches.

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